Pineapple Rare

Bosley Bunny

Born on July 16th, Bosley Bunny loves the heat of the summer. He even likes to hang out on the salt flats!

He really enjoys running around with his best friend, Benny Bluebird. Bosley also digs being in his garden.

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon never found a tree he could not climb. Born high in the branches on May 31st, Rocky loves to be near the sky.

His favorite tree is a Rowan, that has delicous red berries, which he will eat all day if he could.

Carla Cactus

Carla Cactus likes it dry and hot, even though she was born on chilly day, March 12th. She loves to go to the beach.

She always wants to hang out with Kaia Unicorn. They both love ice cream, Carla likes hers with rainbow sprinkles.

Rachel Raccoon

Never one to slow down, Rachel Raccoon is always looking for adventure, some place new to go exploring.

Born September 22nd, Rachel and her best friend Luke Lion like to pick sea shells at the sea shore.

Bunch 4 Rare

Evia Elephant

Evia Elephant is a rare Crushie, born June 23rd. She likes skip in her flower garden singing her favorite songs.

Her favorite flower is a Titan Arum. It grows ten feet tall and provides shade to her whole house.

Hootie Owl

Born early in the year on January 14th, Hootie Owl is more than just a rare Crushie. She is also a mommie!

Her owlet, Olivia Owl is just as cute as her mom. They love to tend in Hootie's garden, especially at night.

Lula Leopard

Lula Leopard loves to be outside. Does not matter if it's raining or snowing. She just wants to be in the great outdoors.

Born on a crisp November morning, Lula likes to pick moonberries in the mountains. To her they are worth the climb.

Riley Rhino

Riley Rhino is excited to go on adventures, exploring old places. To her it's like looking into the past.

Born on December 2nd during a snow storm, Riley does not mind the cold. When she's out she always brings her favorite scarf.

Strawberries Rare

Banshee Bat

Banshee Bat is a rare Strawberry Crushie. He was born August 31st, under a full blue moon. Upside down of course.

He loves to play guitar and sing with his best friend, Rani Elephant, when they go hang out on the beach.

Henry Platypus

On the eve of Halloween, Henry Platypus was born October 30th. Henry is a rare Strawberry Crushie.

Henry loves to splash about whenever he is near water. His best friend, Jester Jackalope is always ready to join in the fun.

Sally Axoloti

Sally Axoloti was born on September 1st and is a rare Strawberry Crushie fill with love for all her friends.

She loves to go exloring, hiking and camping! Anything that lets her and her BFF, Lewis Lion be outdoors is her idea of fun.

Lenny Lemur

Born December 21st, Lenny Lemur is a rare Strawberry Crushie with a gift for climbing banana trees.

Enuice Unicorn, Lenny's best friend, introduced him to hs favorite treat, lillipops. Lenny loves any flavor of lillipop, but especially watermelon.

Bunch 3 Rare

Herman Husky

Herman Husky is a rare Ice Cream Crushie part of the Bunch 3 Bananas. Born February 12th, Herman is always up for a game of tag.

His very best friend in the world is Linus Cat. They always have sand castle building contest everytime they go to the beach.

Bobbie Jellyfish

Born December 11th under the sea, Bobbie Jellyfish is a rare Ice Cream Crushie. Whenever he can go swiming is Bobbie's favorite time of the day.

Paula Parrot is Bobbie's best friend. Together they make bimbleberry jam and share it with all of their Crushie friends.

Jula Jackalope

Jula Jackalope was born August 18th and is a rare Ice Cream Crushie! She loves to be outdoors and hang out in the sunshine.

Her BFF, Teresa Tiger loves to go to the gym with her. Jula also has a secret love of jellybeans, especially the berry flavors.

Karamel Kitty

Born August 8th, Karamel Kitty is a rare Ice Cream Crushie. When he is not cleaning his claws, you can find him in trees.

Karamel's best friend is Magdalen Mouse and they have races to see which one can climb the tallest trees the fastest.

Lemon & Lime Rare

Loyola Lemur

Loyola Lemur is a rare Lemon & Lime Crushie. Born March 1st along with her twin, LionFace. They both love to be outside whenever they can.

Her best friends are Shakira Squirrel and Zebra Zebra. Together they race through the garden on sunny days trying to find all the fresh vegtables and fruits.

LionFace Lemur

Born March 1st just minutes before his twin sister, Loyola, LionFace Lemur is a rare Lemon & Lime Crushie. He loves to lay in the sun all day.

With his BFF, Ophelia Owl, he can be found climbing trees, rock walls and just about anything that offers a challenge to climb to the top.

Serpent Tina

Sepent Tina was born April 15th and is a rare Lemon & Lime Crushie! She also has a twin brother, Serpent Tom. They both love the water.

Her BFF is Nellie Whal. She is most happy when working in her garden, turning the dirt, planting fresh herbs and tending to all of her colorful flowers

Serpent Tom

Born April 15th, Tom and his twin sister, Serpent Tina are both rare Lemon & Lime Crushies. Tom is happy to swim the whole day away.

Tom's BFF is Patrick Parrot and together they discovered a hidden waterfall in the rainforest and have fun playing in the water.

Bunch 2 Rare

Bobert Bunny

Bobert Bunny is a Rare Bananas Crushie from the second Bunch! Born October 3rd, along with his 32 brothers and sister. Bobert is the only blue bunny with pink heart cheeks.

He loves playing games like hide-n-seek with his BFF, Ssssamy Snake. Sometimes they play so long that they forget what time it is and continue into the night!

Kelso Pony

Born May 22nd, Kelso Pony is a Rare Bananas Crushie! Kelso enjoys running outdoors and hanging out with his friends in the Bunch 2 wave of Bananas.

Kelso loves to give pony rides to all his friends, especially Hermonie Hamster his BFF. Oh and he loves chocolate cake with carrots too.

Bubba Big Foot

Bubba Big Foot was born May 11th among the giant Sequoia trees and is a Rare Bananas Crushie! You can discover him in the Bunch 2 series of Bananas.

Bubba gets excited when he can climb trees with his BFF Donald Dragon. They love to race to the top just so they can climb back down and start all over again.

Mona Moose

Mona Moose is a Rare Bananas Crushie! Her birthday is March 1st. She is excited to be a part of the Bunch 2 wave of Bananas.

Mona knows her way around a kitchen, though her antlers sometimes get in the way. She loves baking delicious pies and brings them to all the Bananas beach parties.

Bunch 1 Rare

Princess Pi

Princess Pi is a Rare Bananas Crushie from the first Bunch! Born November 6th on a cool, starry night, Princess Pi is almost as rare as a blue moon.

Princess Pi Unicorn’s favorite food is pie and she serves it for breakfast with Bernadette Beaver. Princess Pi enjoys tending to her garden which is filled with all sorts of delicous vegtables and fruits, including Bananas.

Pipo Panda

Born October 19th, Pipo Panda is a Rare Bananas Crushie! You can usually find Pipo Panda hanging in bamboo trees and in the Bunch 1 wave of Bananas.

Pipo Panda is a fast tree climber, almost as fast as Sheila Squirrel. When not climbing trees, Pipo loves to hang out with her BFF Terence Turtle making fruit smoothies!

Andrew Monkey

Born December 27th, Andrew Monkey is a Rare Bananas Crushie! You can discover him in the Bunch 1 series of Bananas. You might even spot him the park on what else...the monkey bars!

Andrew Monkey makes everyone laugh with Gail Giraffe at the beach. They love to make sand castles and eating ice cream. Marci Mouse is Andrew Monkeys BFF.

Lucy Leopard

Lucy Leopard is a Rare Bananas Crushie! Her birthday is February 14th. Lucy Leopard is a part of the Bunch 1 wave of Bananas.

Lucy Leopard leaps from tree top to tree top, looking for Alexis Axoloti. Her BFF is Fern Fox and they both love to climb anything they can. No obstacle is too hard for them to try and climb.