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You Can Find Bananas at these Online Retailers

Go Bananas for Bananas™!

Bananas are the latest collectible craze to hit the market. You can buy them online at Amazon, Target or Walmart as beautiful colored bunches. You can also purchase single Bananas at Target, Walmart and other participating retailers.

Peel each scented banana to reveal unique Crushie characters inside. You’ll love decorating your Banana Crushie characters with gemstone stickers, or connecting your Crushies together on the vine! Not only do you get beautifully colored Banana bunches, you also get to collect all the unique Crushie characters and their mini squeezable friends!

Bananas Are now at Walmart!

Bananas have started arriving in Walmart and the number of stores is growing everyday. You can download this handy guide that list all the locations that currently have Bananas to help you complete your Crushies collection!

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This is a really cute little toy. The bananas really smell like bananas and the little animals inside are the cutest! Bought these for my daughter and she fell in love. The first thing she did was decorate all of her little animals with the gemstone stickers that come with it. She has all of the critters hanging on their little hangers in her bedroom and she is attaching the bananas to her backpack right now.
Momma3kids (Amazon Verified)
My kids love these Bananas! I have a girl and a boy and they both love to carry these around and put them together as a collection. The fact that the Banana that they live in is a usable part of the toy makes them a much better collection and value than hatchimals or other collectibles we have tried in the past!!
Grant S McKay (Amazon Verified)
My daughter loves collecting things and the surprise Crushie characters found inside each peel-able Bananas collectible are already a favorite for her! Peeling back the banana captures each of your senses and leaves you with a nice surprise! From the scented peel to the smooth texture and tangible toy inside, there's plenty to get excited about!
Staci S (Amazon Verified)