Limited Edition

New Limited Editions have arrived! These super special collectibles not only have unique skins but extra special Crushies inside. The limited editions can only be found at relailers and are wrapped in a special packaging, so keep an eye out, you just might find one!

Toco Cat

Toco Cat always has a smile on her face and is ever the happy cat. From morning and thru the night, Toco always has fun with her fellow Crushies!

Eunice Unicorn

Eunice Unicorn loves to sing whenever she can. With a song in her heart and a dance in her step she always makes her friends feel better when she is around.

Starry Sloth

When you hang around Starry Sloth, you might just see...stars! He loves to stay up all night and sleep all day, even when he is just up in a tree.

Patrick Parrot

The jungle canopy is the backdrop that Patrick Parrot loves to explore. He is always happy when he finds the tallest tree that gives him the best view.

Petals Pony

Petals Pony's pleasure is to pick pretty petunias, ponintsettiaa, pansy, pelargonium, penstemon, polyanthus, primula, peony and passion flowers.

Rudy Rottweiler

Running around all day is Rudy Rottweiler's favorite thing to do. That and get belly rubs, oh and play fetch and dig holes and give wet puppy kisses.

Laredo Lion

Most lions like to lie around but not Laredo. He loves to explore the mountains and jungle around his home. Laredo is a Lemon & Lime Limited Edition.

Lila Lion

Like her twin brother Laredo, Lila is a Lemon & Lime Limited Edition. She is happiest when climbing trees and leaping from branch to branch.

Pippa Platypus

Pippa Platypus plays piccolo in the Bananas Philharmonica! Pippa and her best friend Chipper Chick also like building sandcastles on the beach.

Ellie Elephant

Ellie Elephant likes eating the greenest leaves of the Tico Party Tree. SHe is also agreat swimmer and loves diving underwater for sea shells.

Lotta Jackalope

Lotta Jackalope is a rare breed and a Limited Edition! You don't see lots a jackalpoes on the beach but that's where you will find Lotta on a sunny day.

Coco Unicorn

Coco Unicorn is a Starwberry Limited Edition. She loves watching rainbows and butterflies. Her BFF is Melon Collie and they always hang out on the beach.

14 Carat Cat

Sparkling bright, 14 Cararat Cat is a Strawberry Limited Edition. There is no other Crushie like him, shining golden bright! He really enjoys adventure expolring.

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