Bananas are available at Walmart, Target and online at Amazon.com. Click the links on our shopping page to find Bananas closest to you!
There are 54 Bananas designs between Series 1 thru 4. Plus 13 Limited Edition designs so far!
Yes! Series 2 includes Lemon & Limes, series 3 has Strawberries and series 4 has Pineapples.
Series 1 there are 24 Crushies plus 3 Limited Edition Crushies to collect. Series 2 has a total of 54 Crushies. Series 3 has 53 Crushies. Series 4 has 48 Crushies and 12 Huggers.
Both! You can buy 1 Banana or bunches of 3!
Leomon & Limes and Strawberries are sold as a 2 packs and can also be purchased as single fruit! Pineapples are only sold as a single fruit.
Limited Edition Bananas are special hard-to-find Bananas with super special Crushies inside. Keep looking for these special single Bananas at your local Walmart, Target and other partcipating retailers!
Retired Bananas are no longer being manufactured but may still be available at retail. Currently the series 1 Bananas are no longer in production and are labeled as 'retired'.
Bananas are made for peeling, closing and re-peeling! Use it as a home for your Crushie, turn it into a cozy Crushie bed, or as a carrying case for your Crushies!
Yes, snap the tops of the Bananas to make a bunch. Snap together 12 Bananas to make a colorful ring of Bananas!
Make sure the grooves line up like a re-sealable sandwich bag and gently push along the seam to re-close.
All Bananas are latex free and pass all mandatory toy regulation standards. Recommended for ages 4yr and up.

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