Series 2 Lemon & Limes

Juciy Lemon & delicous Lime, scented fruits with cute collectible Crushie characters and accessories. Peel the fruit to reveal what is inside. Each fruit includes 1 Crushie, 2 cute mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers for decorating your Crushie or Lemon or Lime, collector sheet with character sticker, and a hanging vine for displaying your new friends!

Can you find the ultra-rare and limited edition Crushies? Display them on their hanging vines or reseal them back into their Lemon or Lime and take them with you. You can collect all 25 characters in Series 2 Lemon & Lime Surprise, including Rare and Ultra Rare characters. Single Lemon & Limes are available for purchase in stores. Two-packs are availabe in stores and online.